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Spells, Sound Spa, Spiritual Meditation & Balancing

Price for in person or video chat spells, sound spa sessions, meditation, products etc. varies please call for more info and pricing as each person, session, service or product can vary on a case by case basis. Please call (386) 383-2236 for pricing and details.

Products that are sold or used in conjunction with sessions may include candles, rare crystals, chakra balancing stones and/or jewelry.

Spell Kit In A Box Call For Price! Spell Kits Available include: Love Spells, Attraction Spells, Sugar Daddy Spells, Voodoo Spell Reversal, Black Magic Spell Reversal, Gay Love Spells, Money Spells and more!

Sage used to get rid yourself and your home of dark energy call for price!

I also sell chakra balancing supplies such as stones and infused soaps and candles!